Sunday, February 14, 2016

Commander in Chic FAB FIVE-2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (Las Vegas)

I have just returned from KBIS 2016, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.  I was fortunate enough to be one of 24 amazing design industry leaders and bloggers invited to join Modenus on their BlogTourKBIS for a behind-the-scenes and over-the-top tour of all things kitchen and bath.  I was as blown away by the other members of the tour from all over the world as I was by the show and encourage you to check out what each of them has to offer.  Our trip was sponsored by some amazing companies who treated us all like royalty and went out of their way to teach us about what they have to offer to us and YOU!  I look forward to sharing more in future posts, but want to give you the Commander in Chic FAB FIVE!  Drum-roll, please…
  1. THERMADOR stopped traffic with the electric blue ombre finish on this CULINARY PRESERVATION CENTER, and this stunner is ALL ABOUT YOU!  You can create a perfect line-up of cold storage combinations to meet your needs and lifestyle
Thermador’s Integrated Refrigeration System is easily personalized to meet YOUR needs!

I was so floored by this beauty that I kinda forgot myself for a second and agreed to pose for this picture.

2. LA CORNUE, whose luxury ranges makes my culinary heart skip-a-beat, has teamed up with the beautiful and talented Suzanne KaslerAND THIS HAPPENED.
I have died-and-gone-to-Heaven thanks to Suzanne Kasler’s new Couleur Collection for La Cornue.

Suzanne Kasler has outdone herself, AGAIN!

As if the dreamy pink weren’t enough, you really CAN have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with this Tiffany Blue finish! (Sigh…)
3. WELLBORN CABINET, INC. definitely dressed for the occasion!  These gorgeous green cabinets remind me of The Emerald City!  I looked  everywhere for a yellow-brick-road and Toto, but unfortunately they don’t let doggies in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. wins “Best-Dressed” at KBIS 2016! (photo from Wellborn)

I love the bold, saturated color with the black and white graphic tile!  The brushed brass hardware and light fixtures warm-up and complete the look.  We MUST be in the Emerald City because this design took Courage, Brains and Heart!  
Kelly Wearstler tile for Ann Sacks.

4. ANN SACKS has taken their tile to a whole new level of gorgeous!  Their recent collaboration with KELLY WEARSTLER is over-the-top!  It is no secret that I adore Kelly’s work, and everything that woman touches turns to fantastic.  Her three new tile collections are no different.  Sooo, what’s Black and White and FAB all over?!?
Liason Collection by Kelly Wearstler

Tile Magic by Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sack.

The amazing thing about this killer floor tile is that you can customize the inlay to any size you need!  I. Am. Not. Even. Kidding.  Eeeeeeeee!
5. ART FOR EVERYDAY blew me away with their amazing architectural wood carvings.  They design and produce over 1200 decorative corbels, capitals, mouldings, corner posts, island posts, mantels, appliqu├ęs, rosettes, custom wood carvings, and other decorative architectural components.  I was floored by their display at KBIS, but it is only a small sampling of what they have to offer.
ART FOR EVERYDAY offers so many different styles of architectural mouldings.

Nice legs, right?!? But don’t overlook the chain-link trim!

I never met a Greek Key I didn’t LOVE!

I could not even focus on the camera because I was worried I’d miss something at Art for Everyday.

Holy BLING! I love mixing materials, especially when one of those materials is SPARKLEY!

ART FOR EVERYDAY has really “stepped-it-up” with this design!

Well, this wraps-up the Commander-in-Chic FAB FIVE for KBIS 2016!  If you haven’t already, you should definitely read this post on the FAB FIVE and making The List.  I would like to say thank you to MODENUS for selecting me to come along on such an amazing adventure.  It was a life-changing trip for me.  Thank you, sponsors, Thermador, Wilsonart, WoodMode, Mr. Steam, Top Knobs, BLANCO, Karastan, TOTO and KBIS.  I can’t wait to fill everybody in on the amazing things we saw and learned from them on our trip. Believe it or not, there is still so much to share with you!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a thing!
#commanderinchic having a ball on BlogTourKBIS
All of the photographs in this post are by Yours-Truly, unless otherwise noted.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Commander in Chic “FAB-FIVE” – Making The List


As the self-appointed Commander in Chic, I hold myself to a very high standard and do not take THE WOW FACTOR lightly. That said, I am a hopeless romantic and have a tendency to fall in love with stuff. A lot. I have found it necessary to establish a ruthless system to pare down my llooonnng Lists-of-Fabulous to present you with only the Best and Brightest. The system is comprised of THREE rigorous rounds of potential elimination, so let me assure you, the FAB FIVE is an elite and distilled set. I have outlined the system below.  Brace yourself.
ROUND ONE: Does my first encounter with the Potential-List-Maker give me Goosies? Does said item cause me to feel faint or experience shortness of breath and weakness in the knees? ROUND ONE is really pretty straight forward and resolved with a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
ROUND TWO: Do I need to go back to pay my respects and say my good-byes to the Potential-List-Maker before departing for fear I will miss said item in our time away from each other? I am amazed at how often an item passes ROUND ONE with flying colors, but is forgotten when a certain commander (wink, wink) is swept-off-of-her-feet by a “sparklier” anything. The quickly-forgotten-item is referred to as a Commander-in-Chic-Crush.  I have lots of them, but no Crush has eh-ver made the FAB FIVE. The FAB FIVE represents only true and lasting Love.
ROUND THREE: Do I find myself in the dark of night staring at my ceiling thinking about the Potential-List-Maker and wondering if said item is thinking of me, too?  Am I sacrificing sleep in order to devise a plan to be reunited with Potential-List-Maker?  Well, the loss of sleep is not in vain because we have a new member of the Commander in Chic FAB FIVE. Woo-Hoo!
Scientists may question the validity of the Commander in Chic FAB FIVE Test, however, let me assure you, this system delivers.  Stay tuned for future FAB FIVE posts delivering ONLY the cream that has risen to the top with sprinkles and a cherry on top!  #CommanderinChic #FabFive